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Nick V.

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You should choose me as your consulting recruiting mentor for 3 reasons: 1) I'll help you navigate post-COVID challenges (e.g. BCG case interview robot), 2) I'll make you a case structuring expert, and 3) I'll create a detailed, tactical prep roadmap. First, if you're looking for the most up-to-date information on how to succeed in post-COVID consulting recruiting - BCG's case interview robot, McKinsey's virtual game, Zoom interviews, and more - I'd love to help you navigate these new curveballs in an already difficult recruiting process. In 2020, I received internship offers from both McKinsey and BCG, and I made final rounds with McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. Long story, but I ultimately chose BCG, and I'm happy to share perspective on the differences between firms. Second, I will help you turn case structuring from a difficult, ambiguous task to a skill you're excited to show to interviewers. Through my interview process I developed a particular penchant for customized, non-formulaic case interview structuring, for which I built a strong reputation at my university and top consulting firms. I have since delivered multiple lectures on the subject, and I've helped other students build the same skill set and take off the training wheels of canned frameworks. Lastly, I've built a strong playbook of exactly what a student needs to do to maximize their chance to land MBB offers, and I want to mold that framework to fit your timeline and needs. Following my BCG internship, I was the president of the management consulting club at Brigham Young University. I spent hundreds of hours coaching and casing, and I helped many students change their entire resume and qualify for interviews and offers at top consulting firms. I'm currently a cofounder at a YC-backed startup - I love consulting, but the startup opportunity was too great to let go. That said, even though I’m not a consultant, I've spent hundreds of hours becoming an expert on getting a consulting offer for myself and others. I'd love to share my expertise and cross-firm, international consulting network with you.


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Summer Associate

Boston Consulting Group

June 2021 - August 2021

I created pieces of the equity story to help a PE client sell a beauty subsidiary, including fielding and analyzing a survey for salon professionals, conducting expert interviews and store visits, and forecasting incremental revenue for new value levers.


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Brigham Young University

Bachelor of Science, Economics, Chinese

2018 - 2022

I received a dual major in Economics and Chinese from BYU with minors in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. While at BYU, I combined machine learning and econometrics to estimate the causal impact of major choice on likelihood of receiving an offer at a top consulting firm - happy to share the results if you're interested.

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Nick V.

Nick V.